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Gourmet Garden Paste Hot Chilli - 80gm

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Gourmet Garden Chilli is a solution for busy cooks who want the fresh flavour without the chopping or mess. Gourmet Garden Chilli is available in Hot and Mild varieties in handy tubes and keeps its fresh taste for months.


Chillies comes in many shapes, sizes and flavours, they can be hot, sweet, fruity, earthy, smoky and floral. As with capsicums, the red tends to be the sweetest form.

Health Benefits
Chillies can be used not only to liven up a dish but are an excellent way to boost your daily antioxidant intake, helping you build your bodies defenses, boost your immune systems and maximize your wellbeing. Evidence suggests capsaicin, the compound that gives chillies their heat, may help weight loss by triggering certain protein changes in the body that prevents fat storage. Chillies also contain high amounts of vitamin C and B, potassium, magnesium and iron.

Cooking & Food Pairing
To allow the flavours to permeate through your dish, add chilli at the beginning of the cooking process.

Chilli can be found in dishes from all around the globe, from the Indian curries to the Korean kimchis to the Mexican Enchiladas and the ubiquitous chilli sauces. Chilli peppers work well with garlic, fermented beans, ginger, coconuts, shallots and fish.