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In the community

WA Fresh Delivered is an active participant in supporting local charities, community groups and related organisations.

Our primary focus is on food security, and fundraising for important community and health causes.

If you're interested in partnering with us to seek support for your group or activity, please review the following article in our Help Centre for information on how to make an approach:

Some of the organisations we've supported

Wandering Autumn Graze Long Table Lunch

The event showcases the food and wine from Western Australia, and brings together great local chefs to show off the best of WA and the wheatbelt region.

WA Fresh Delivered was the primary supplier of the fresh produce for this event, allowing everyone to enjoy the same quality our customers order, and put to use at the hands of some great chefs including Anna Gare and award winning chef Guy Jefferys from Millbrook Winery.

Hawaiian Walk for Women’s Cancer

Another event we were involved in during 2019 was the Hawaiian Walk for Women’s Cancer, supporting Team We’re Tougher and their fundraising efforts.

Together with WA Fresh Delivered and the team's generous friends and family, they helped Team We're Tougher to raise $9,714. Isn’t that incredible? We continued fundraising long after the walk to get to this final figure. WA Fresh provided several gift vouchers for use as raffle prizes that collected an unbelievable amount of money – far more than the team ever expected!

Funds raised from this event go towards supporting the lifesaving work of the Perkins researchers, who work tirelessly to unlock the secrets of women’s cancers. Their aim is to offer up better outcomes for our mothers, daughters, sisters, aunts and friends living with this terrible disease.