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Roast Pork Dinner Meal Kit - 4 serves

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Who doesn't love the coming home to perfect roast dinner. The fresh smell of roast, crisp vegetables wafting from the oven; tender and juicy meat, and a gravy oozing flavour; and of course a crunchy pork cracking making your taste buds salivate (and maybe scaring your dentist).

But hands up who really loves preparing it? Keeping a watch on everything to ensure it doesn't burn, and the long time it takes to get ready.

So - let WA Fresh Delivered and our Roast Pork meal kit take all the hard work out of creating a great roast meal for four people; by cutting out the chopping, long cooking times, and keeping a constant eye on the oven temperature.

Inside your meal kit is a lovely pre-cooked pork roast, cooked sous vide (meaning your meat is cooked at exactly the perfect temperature, with all the juices and flavours staying inside its sealed bag); and a selection of fresh seasonal vegetables cut to size.

Follow the easy instructions on our included recipe card to reheat the meat, roast your vegetables, and prepare the gravy - and you'll have a fantastic roast pork meal to the table in 60 minutes.

What’s in the bag

  • Recipe Card 
  • Pre-cooked Roast Pork (min 700g)
  • 1.3kg pre-cut roast vegtables (potatoes, butternut pumkin, carrots, onion & sweet potato) 
  • Gravy powder

What you need at home

  • Water
  • Vegtable oil
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