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July 2019

A user on OzBargain (July 2019)

I've ordered here about 10 times, and always happy.

Fruit and vegies much fresher, and a little cheaper than Coles/Woolworths.

Rick A via Facebook (July 2019)

very fresh and lasts in fridge well. Highly recommend giving them a go. Started off trying 5 months ago now place an order a week. Also found the meat and poultry very good

Katy O via Facebook (July 2019)

I ordered a pack for a friend, and the service staff was wonderful. Also the freshness and quality of the produce was fantastic!

June 2019

Alicia D via Customer Feedback (June 2019)

First time used. The fruit and veges that were picked were excellent quality.

The eggs were not broken. The fridge items were cold upon arrival. All items requested were delivered (nothing missing / no errors).

Received a text just before delivery and another text once actually delivered. All in all I have absolutely no complaints.

The service was awesome and everything WA Fresh said would happen, did! Very happy customer. Will be using this service regularly from now onwards.

Amber H via Customer Feedback (June 2019)

Thank you! fast, easy and great to get sms notifications. All looks great quality.

Rick A via Facebook message (June 2019)

Thanks WA Fresh Delivered we have been ordering from you for some months now.

Tonight we had the Lasagna Soup - amazing. Last night we had the Spicy Pork bowls even better.

Delivered on time and best quality fruit and veg every week. Thanks

Stacey L via Facebook message (June 2019)

I received my first order today and I am blown away at the quality and the amount of fruit we received in the family box. It is fantastic.

I can’t wait for next weeks order of the meal kits - what a huge time saver they will be. We recently swapped to Hello Fresh, however they are a little expensive & your options seems more in line with a families budget.

I am so glad I stumbled across your company.

Anonymous via Customer Survey (June 2019)

I have been searching for good quality fruit and vegetables for two years, I was losing hope of finding them... when I received my order I was so happy with the freshness and taste......will happily recommend your company to my friends

Lisa F via Customer Feedback (June 2019)

Fruit & vegies look fresher than you get in the supermarket.

Amanda S via Customer Feedback (June 2019)

Our delivery arrived today and it was Perfect. Thank you for delivering fresh, quality produce at such a great price, with no fuss.

@our_tribe_of_three via Instagram (June 2019)

Love the fresh fruit, veg, eggs and bread we came home to this morning

Having tried another company for fresh delivery before we were hesitant. We hadn’t had any success with quality. But we decided to try another company hoping for “third time lucky”. We were. Everything is perfect. Everything was packed perfect.

Best bit is they also do drinks, confectionery, meats, dairy, nuts...the list goes on. Thank you @wafresh.delivered.

Deeann D via Yelp (June 2019)

I am so excited I found these meal kits at WA Fresh, no more thinking every single day what is for dinner and then having to shop for it, they are so easy and really delicious and the quality is amazing.  I can highly recommend them.  

Tonight we are having Spiced Pork Noodle Bowl, it comes with everything I need and a recipe card as well.  Ten minutes prep and ten minutes cooking time - I bloody love it!!

Yoshie G via Customer Feedback (June 2019)

Thank you for delivering my order. We can enjoy your fresh food again. I appreciate delivery staff and company service.

Louise H via Google Reviews (June 2019)

Great service!! Bought groceries as a gift for a family member. She said the quality and freshness of the fruit and vegetables was so much better than she usually gets. She especially loved the soup kit.

Natalie A via Google Reviews (June 2019)

The fruit and vegetables are of the highest quality.

Dunia H via Google Reviews (June 2019)

Great shopping service. Lovely fresh produce and friendly service. Thoroughly recommend it.


May 2019

Jacqui S via Customer Feedback (May 2019)

Super fresh food, delivered quickly and with a smile. Thanks!

Beatrice A via Customer Feedback (May 2019)

Awesome job as usual guys.

Michelle P via Facebook (May 2019)

Awesome produce, and my favourite thing is way less time searching the supemarkets for decent produce. Saves me time too.

Sommer G via Facebook (May 2019)

Quality produce, the family boxes are really good value. and We have had exceptional customer service. Highly Recommend

Kathryn via Customer Feedback (May 2019)

Emily is lovely! Always great service and products. Thank you!

Amber A via Customer Feedback (May 2019)

The delivery man Aaron was very helpful and had brilliant customer service. He should be commended for representing your company as well as he does.

Margaret M via Customer Feedback (May 2019)

Great service. Easy to order. Great produce.

Nicole C via Customer Feedback (May 2019)

Produce is always incredibly fresh and the roma tomatoes at the moment are fantastic. Have also been blissing out on the huge figs.

Te B via Customer Feedback (May 2019)

Love this service sooooo good and convenient 5stars

Greta W via Customer Feedback (May 2019)

Very happy with my order, everything nice and fresh. Delivery lady lovely

Yoshie G via Customer Feedback (May 2019)

Thank you for delivering my order. I like the person who is delivered today. She is always have a beautiful smile. Thank you :)

Anonymous via Customer Survey (May 2019)

Hands down, the best experience I’ve had with online grocery ordering. Everything was great especially my delivery girl who took my stuff right through to my kitchen bench!

Amber A via Customer Feedback (May 2019)

The delivery driver was very helpful and had brilliant customer service. He should be commended for representing your company as well as he does.

Jade B via Instagram (May 2019)

Super stocked with everything - delivery driver was really lovely, loved the text letting me know how long until delivery, and the produce looks amazing! Love that you don't use millions of unnecessary plastic bags for each item! Yay for saving mumma earth. Thanks again.

Brooke McC via Facebook (May 2019)

Just received my WA Fresh delivery today. It was perfect.
1. Produce was fresh & better than expected
2. I ordered in the afternoon & delivery was next day - very timely & efficient.
3. The delivery driver was friendly, well presented & went above & beyond by walking the boxes through my entire house.
4. The cost was very comparable & delivery was free- I would be happy to pay more for such good produce & service so I’m very happy that it is cost effective too.
Thank you- I will continue to order!!


April 2019

Anonymous via Customer Survey (April 2019)

I love the veggie roast packs! Thanks for bring them out. I will be ordering a few more next time.

Anonymous via Customer Survey (April 2019)

Chicken soup pack was fantastic

Anonymous via Customer Survey (April 2019)

I have been a customer for over 3 years, and I am extremely happy with the service and produce.

Anonymous via Customer Survey (April 2019)

My delivery driver is awesome. Always smiling and so so helpful.

Frank S via Facebook (April 2019)

Have received all fruit and meat today, and it's getting better with great fruit for mixed fruit salad

Anonymous via Customer Survey (April 2019)

On our last order we advised you that we were away and you kindly changed the delivery time to later in the day to suit us. We are very happy with your service. Thank you very much :)

Anonymous via Customer Survey (April 2019)

I am very pleased with being able to order produce and having it delivered to my door the next day. It is a great service. Thankyou.

Anonymous via Customer Survey (April 2019)

I recommend you to whoever will listen. I always find your employees to be extremely helpful and friendly. Your products are fantastic and I actually prefer to order from you than go anywhere else for my fruit and vege be it for home or the school canteen. Thank you.

Anonymous via Customer Survey (April 2019)

The delivery people are always very pleasant. I’m very pleased. I’m time poor. I love this service. Thankyou.

Anonymous via Customer Survey (April 2019)

I really like the fact that your packaging is all re-usable.

Anonymous via Customer Survey (April 2019)

Great service the fruit and vegetables are always fresh and the meat is fresh and tender. The delivery girls are always helpful and friendly. Great team!

Anonymous via Customer Survey (April 2019)

I love your business model, order process, delivery process and customer service. You guys are doing a great job!

Anonymous via Customer Survey (April 2019)

The quality of the vegetables and meat has been fantastic so far

Anonymous via Customer Survey (April 2019)

love the packing and website great delivery people


March 2019

Manual R via Customer Feedback (March 2019)

Very good quality fruit & veg. Great customer service. Accurate & punctual delivery. Thank you.

Amanda L via Customer Feedback (March 2019)

Awesome produce!! Love that I can order the night before and it's delivered the next day!! Will be shopping with WA Fresh again. Thank you.

Diana S via Customer Feedback (March 2019)

1st order delivered. Website very easy to navigate and love the sms notification just before delivery with live tracking. Fruit and veg very fresh. Will use again!

Sandra A via Customer Feedback (March 2019)

I'm delighted. Everything was fresh and it came really well packaged.

Aaron S via Customer Feedback (March 2019)

Quick delivery, great product and packaging. Will shop again. A+


February 2019

Anonymous via our customer survey (February 2019)

Your service is absolutely fantastic! Thanks for the opportunity to buy market fresh produce online. I am totally blind and cannot get to the shops to choose my own fruit and vegetables, but I know that any time I order from you everything is super fresh and packed carefully so nothing is squashed or spoilt. Keep up the great work, I've been recommending you to everyone I know.

Yang W via Customer Support email (February 2019)

Great stuff! Love it! 100xtimes better than Coles.

No more Coles for us from now on :)

Caroline Di P via Customer Feedback (February 2019)

John is amazing. I wasn't home for my delivery today and with the temperature hitting 40 today, he took some initiative and moved my pot plant forward a bit to get my delivery behind it. Then got my door mat and put it up on the side so my order was protected from the sun. I was home an hour after and all the ice pack were still frozen. He also tried to call and send me a message to inform me. Such excellent customer service.

Bree S via Facebook (February 2019)

I discovered WA Fresh Delivered only a few weeks back after a little research into online food shopping and delivery, and I’m very glad I did! I had tried Hello Fresh, Dinner Twist and a few other companies similar but nothing was quite right for my needs. I still like to be a little creative in the kitchen and come up with my own recipes. Coles and Woolworths delivery just didn’t quite offer the same freshness as I would get from going to the local farmers market, and a lot of other companies were just that bit more expensive, and didn’t quite deliver the quality I was after and didn’t seem good value.

Since moving house last year and my daily work commute tripling, it was imperative that I found a good and fresh online shopping and delivery service mainly for convenience. Thank god I found WA Fresh Delivered. Not only do they provide the highest of quality produce, the range is really extensive and the price is still very affordable. To top it off, their customer service is top notch. We had a little slip up with our order this fortnight, and it was completely resolved by the time I got home from work. Give them a try, you won’t be disappointed, and just like me you will be a regular customer. Thank you WA Fresh Delivered, I wish I had found you sooner!!

Vanessa F via Customer Feedback (February 2019)

Just got my food! Amazing fresh produce available and you kept the meat nice and cold thanks!

Stephanie K via Customer Feedback (February 2019)

Very impressed! Everything is so fresh.

Kathleen T via Customer Feedback (February 2019)

Easy website, next day delivery, great produce and so convenient.

Anonymous via our customer survey (February 2019)

I appreciate my request being met where possible- that is, to deliver as late in the day as possible. The emails are also informative and of interest to inform of changes and improvements being made.


January 2019

Yoahie via customer support feedback (January 2019)

Thank you for helping me. I’m very satisfied and happy with everything (all kinds of food, all staff and your service) Thank you so much. :)

Anonymous via our customer survey (January 2019)

I love this service because of the fresh produce and minimal convenience items. The delivery people are always polite and on time. Cheers

Chrissy D via customer support feedback (January 2019)

Great service. Great products. Thank you.

Geoff W via Customer Feedback (January 2019)

Fantastic produce & service thanks to all the team.

Yoshie G via Customer Feedback (January 2019)

Thank you for delivering my order safely. Everything was very fresh, beautiful and high quality. The delivery person was very nice too. I'll order again. Thank you so much! :)

Kristy K via Customer Feedback (January 2019)

So much fresher than the supermarkets!

Jamie B via customer support feedback (January 2019)

Exceptional customer service.

Simon B via Customer Feedback (January 2019)

Excellent- first order and we are very pleased, thank you.

Barbara V via Customer Feedback (January 2019)

Fabulous friendly young people you have delivering, love your product love your prices love your website!

Leyla B via Customer Feedback (January 2019)

Love getting such fresh fruit and veg and the cherries where amazing!

Stephanie L via Customer Feedback (January 2019)

Love the overnight delivery, the messages about when it will arrive, and most of all I love the fruit and veg as well as the meat. Because the quality is so good with fantastic delivery service I am happy to pay a bit more. Thank you.

Linda R via Customer Feedback (January 2019)

"Great service from start to finish
Fruit and vegetables were fresh and very good quality
I will definitely be ordering again
Thank you"


December 2018

Anonymous via our customer survey (December 2018)

Love your work team, Thanks so much for delivering on the Sunday before Christmas,and the xmas mince pies were a lovely surprise and very much appreciated. Have a wonderful New Years

Anonymous via our customer survey (December 2018)

I'm so happy with the freshness of products and delivery service, and have recommended to a few people. Thank you!


November 2018

Chris C via Customer Feedback (November 2018)

Loving the quality and the online delivery system is very easy to use.


October 2018

Deborah M via Customer Feedback (October 2018)

Text message to say when arrival so great communication, website easy to use.

Tanya B via Customer Feedback (October 2018)

Awesome service and quality as usual! So glad I discovered you guys.


September 2018

Penny L via Customer Feedback (September 2018)

Amazing quality! I'm very happy with everything, prices are excellent, and my kids say the mandarins are delicious! We will definitely be back!

Tara S via Customer Feedback (September 2018)

It's the best part of the week getting my delivery. Everything is so fresh and I love your service!!! Thanks so much

Tanya B via Customer Feedback (September 2018)

Delivery was good. Products, order and packaging all excellent quality. Thank you, this is my first purchase from you and I am really pleased with the whole process. I used to be a happy Aussie Farmers customer until they went under. I think you are possibly better!


Earlier feedback

Christine R via Facebook

Very happy with my fruit and veg order! First order and I'm so fussy but I will definitely order again.. Thank you!!

Kim R via Facebook

Really happy with our first order, so fresh & nicely packed, followed up with a SMS from our delivery man! Such awesome service.

Nicole S via Facebook

Received my first order yesterday and I was very impressed with the timing, quality of produce/meat, and packaging. A wonderful way to support local businesses and growers.

Danielle O via Facebook

Received my first order today couldn't be happier what amazing fresh produce and finally a fresh taste! Nothing tells you more then a 4 year old who been passing on fruit and veg to saying mum this is so yummy! And I'll second her that, lovely service and fantastic product thank you! Will definitely be ordering again no more supermarket fruit and veg for me.

Sophie B via Facebook

Fantastic service, great quality and very reasonably priced!

Toni B via Facebook

Very happy with this service :)
First delivery was great, foods are fresh and tasty - and the sizes of the veges are fab too!
Will be ordering again soon.

Sharon J via Facebook

I am very happy with my first order, very fresh, packed great and good quality thank you.

Nikki C via Facebook

Very happy highly recommend everything cold fresh packaged well and so cheap will be using again next week!

Alys McD via Facebook

Thank you very, very much. I only found out about you 2 days ago and made an order the very next day after reading all the positive reviews. I ordered on Thursday night and received my order the very next day. I am so happy as everything was packed well and looks nice and fresh, the delivery driver was excellent and there was no problem with my order at all. I will be utilising your service again and will happily recommend it to others.

Sara ML via Facebook

Got my first delivery today! Will NEVER go back to the supermarket for fruit and vegetables again. Excellent quality, excellent service, excellent value!

Shona V via Facebook

I have been getting deliveries from you for a few months now, all your food has been fantastic quality! At no point have I felt ripped off in any way. The best thing has been the service. The first time I ordered there was a computer glitch and you were so apologetic about it and I got it the next day. The other time was a week or 2 ago and there was a mix up between 2 orders. And you really went above and beyond to fix the issue. I feel most other places would fob you off, mistakes will happen from time to time and I felt incredibly happy with the service I recived.

Samantha L via Facebook

So impressed! The quality of the produce is amazing, the price is competitive and the delivery service was fantastic - highly recommend

Melissa F via Facebook

Amazingly fresh, high quality fruit, veg and meat that are delivered by friendly delivery staff who greet you with a smile and friendly chat. I have been so pleased with my orders so far and will continuing to use WA Fresh Delivered in the future.

Rachael T via Facebook

I love the service that I have had as a customer of wa fresh. If anything ever goes wrong (which is extremely rare anyway) it's dealt with quickly and without doubt. The quality is really good and anyone that has ever shared fruit and veg or meals with us is always complimenting it all. The meat is also really good quality. All round great quality and service!

Billie K via Facebook

Very happy with my 1st delivery AAA++++++ service, product and delivery. Ordering from you from now on. :) ordered midnight on the thursday delivered 1040am on the friday awesome work! !!!!

Dave T via Facebook

Great food nice a fresh. It's great to order on line quick and easy.

Charlotte C via Facebook

Just received my first order- I am super impressed - Won't be going anywhere else to order my groceries

Jenae S via Facebook

So impressed with the continuing great quality of my orders from WA Fresh! The fruit and veg is ALWAYS top quality - it lasts for a week or more in the fridge - so you know it is fresh! And the meat.. well that is just AMAZING - Scotch Fillet is to DIE for. I can't recommend them highly enough. Get onto it people!! All the best quality stuff and you don't have to set foot into a supermarket! :-)

Vanessa P via Facebook

1st experience....ordered Mon eve, rcvd tues lunchtime. Great service and produce looks good. Refreshing to come across good service in Perth

Tanya B via Facebook

So impressed with our first delivery. Packaging and delivery very professional. I like the text message to let me know it was delivered while I was out. Meat looks mouthwatering and the freshness of the fruit and veg compares to no supermarket. Definitely will continue to use and recommend WA Fresh.

Longtime L via Facebook

We've just received our first order. For $150 we have the most amazing fresh fruit, veg, bread, eggs and milk. Quality far beyond what you could ever buy in any supermarket. We can't wait for our next delivery.

Hayley H via Facebook

Delighted with my first order. Next time though I will read what's in the family packs haha I was rushing and now have a million potatoes (which I hate) and onions. My own fault! The fast , friendly service was fantastic

Jody H via Facebook

What an experience! Great customer service, reasonable pricing and fresh food delivered to my door. What more could I ask for! Definitely will be using you for all my fresh needs!

Natalie L via Facebook

Just received my first delivery and I am hooked! The quality of the fruit and vegetables is awesome, the order was packed really well and the delivery driver was polite and friendly. Everything arrived in insulated carry bags, each with a frozen water bottle (great for kids school bags!). Then, as if it couldn't get any better, each item was packaged so there was no contamination between products - such attention to detail! Thank you!

Shellie P via Facebook

 Can not fault. Order delivered super fast, packed really well and all good quality and good prices!!!!!

 A.j. EF via Facebook

Amazing service !!! Just received my first order and, not only is it all there, the packaging was the best I have seen. Can't wait to cook it up :-D

Leah O'D via Facebook

 Very happy with my delivery, love the juice packs. Definitely ordering again.

Madalin F via Facebook

Amazing. So impressed with all the small details, the foil bags, the icey water bottles, the leaves chopped off the celery to save me space, the zip locked bags, the containers for the apples, I could go on. So much thought and care had been put into my order. I will be re-ordering forever. Thank you so much!

Alexandria M via Facebook

A friend recommend you guys, so I decided to give it a shot. I have very little time to go grocery shopping, so found your free delivery service very handy.

I received my very first delivery yesterday. I got home from work around 7pm to find my goodies waiting for me. When I got inside to inspect the contents, I was ecstatic! The quality, freshness and size of the fruit and veg really took me by surprise. It really goes to show the lack of quality from big named supermarkets! 

I won't be going anywhere else for my fruit and veg.

I'm one happy customer!

Erica S via Facebook

I received my first order this week, and I was so impressed with how well packed everything was, and of course fresh! No bruises on any apples, no cracked eggs etc. Very happy to have been recommended to you by a friend. Thank you!

Genene D via Facebook

So happy with our delivery today! Fantastic quality and so much! Will be ordering again!

Kathleen M via Facebook

Just received my first order... OMG the quality is AMAZING, and my fridge is so full of goodness! Thank you:)

Emma R via Facebook

Just got my first delivery, thank you so much, all so lovely and fresh, will be recommending to everyone.

Josie A via Facebook

I just received my first delivery. I'm so happy with everything. The packaging is great and the fruits and veg are so fresh.

Nicola H via Facebook

So impressed with our first order - beautiful produce, well-packed and a courtesy text to let me know it had been delivered! Add the reusable cooler bag and bonus frozen bottles of water - I think we'll be using your service again!

Brea M via Facebook

So stoked with my delivery today! Will be placing my order again next week Very happy customer :)

Kerrie W via Facebook

our second order of the week just arrived and it is perfect! thank you for offering such an amazing service. I operate family day care and find it hard to run out to pick up our shopping, this is perfect~

Deb W via Facebook

Very happy with my first delivery. Great service, super quality goods. Herbs were 200% fresher than the ones in the supermarkets. Please thank the delivery man for closing the gate when he entered and left the property, some people don't bother. Will definitely buy from you again.

Nairoli I via Facebook

First order and I am very happy! Packaged great and produce is amazing. Will be coming back again.

Leanne R via Facebook

Received my first order today, and it was brilliant. Everything is top quality, and arrived in perfect condition. Will definitely be ordering regularly in the future, and will recommend to anyone.

Megan B via Facebook

very happy, the quality is amazing! Thanks so much :)

Emma R via Facebook

Omg this is amazing!!!!! So happy with the freshness of it all.

Simone S via email

This is feedback on my Order, delivered today Mon 2pm.

Dear Managing Director/Staff/Owner!


My Order, no. 1546 was delivered today, by Chris. From the second he knocked once he had carried all those heavy bags to my front door, to the last second I finished unpacking those bags - it was AMAZING!! 

I do not want to rant on and on, so will keep it short and sweet: thank you ever so much, you make your company name proud. Fresh is the word! The produce is beautiful, and so beautifully packed. 

I have to admit - I hate grocery shopping. We have 3 kids, and I find it such a boring drag twice a week going through ailse after ailse. 

And this is just a heaven sent!

The website is sooo easy to use, and I love your prices - just the same as the major supermarkets! And thank you for free delivery.

Chris was so kind and friendly, well done on good delivery staff.

I love love the bags your goods come in. And what a fantastic idea with the frozen water bottles!

Customer Service - 5 stars

Presentation - 5 stars

Packaging and care of goods - 5 stars

Quality of Goods - 5 stars

HAPPY CUSTOMER!! (my fruit bowl has never looked so good!)


Simone Seipp

Katie H via Facebook

Just received my first order and wow . amazing couldn't be happier I will definitely be ordering again thank you

Dimple K via Facebook

Loved it! Your delivery was on time and the produce was perfect and so well packed. I could only get to sorting all the produce a couple of hours after getting it but it was all in perfect condition. Not one grape squashed!

Jaci L via Facebook

I've just received my first order and WOW the quality and level of freshness is AMAZING! When you want to eat a healthy diet it's not exactly encouraging or inspiring when you have to eat wilted, lifeless sad looking salads. You want to eat vibrant happy looking produce and your fruit & veg is definitely HAPPY!

Tammie B via Facebook

Just received my first order, oh my gosh, very high quality, thanks so much, will def order regularly!! :-)

Leonie K via Facebook

Received my first order yesterday and super happy with quality of fruit and meat. Will definitely be ordering weekly from now on. It great to find someone who delivers to my area.

Tennie B via Facebook

Excellent fresh produce and meat too. The veggies also last a lot longer than buying direct from markets.

Laura G via Facebook

Received my first order yesterday and really pleased with every aspect of this business. From the easy and convenient ordering online service, quick delivery time, reliable friendly service and fantastic quality products. I'll definitely be coming back! Thanks so much guys :-)

Jodee T via Facebook

awesome quality and I love the free frozen waters :)

Dominique A via Facebook

Just had my first order delivered. Great produce and the freshest fruit and vegies I have ever brought. The meat looks like really good quality butcher cuts and was packed really well with frozen water bottles incase i wasn't home. I can completely boycott Coles now :)

Natasha S via Facebook

Thanks guys! Just received my first order at work and very happy. Very to easy to order and customer service is great. Highly recommend this service :)

Kasey A via Facebook

Love it!! Everything is so fresh.. :)

Ruth B via Facebook

Have just received my first order and it was amazing. The quality is fantastic. I will be back!!!!

Jolene McD via Facebook 

Just received my first order in Rockingham, very, very happy with it! It smells and looks divine! Thank you! I'll be ordering again! :)

Lee F via Facebook

Received my first order yesterday. FANTASTIC! Will definitely be ordering again :)

Holly P via Facebook

WOW just received my first order and I'm so impressed! everything is of TOP quality! I'm so used to getting poor quality fruit & veg from the "big food companies" and paying ridiculous prices. You guys were cheap as well as SO fresh! and I love how you package your delivery.. Awesome! Will be recommending you to ALL my friends.

Michael Mc via Facebook

Just had my delivery come in. And I can't express enough how impressed I am with the quality of the produce. I'm a chef and to see you guys supplying super high quality W.A produce like this is awesome. Well done guys, we'll be coming back :)

Maria G via Facebook

I have just unpacked my first delivery of delicious produce. WOW!! Totally blown away by quality, efficiency and service . Thanks so much. Look forward to next weeks goodies x

Laurie D O's via Facebook

I received my first order yesterday and I'm very happy with the quality! I really liked that the driver texted me to let me know the delivery has been done and where he left it!! I'll definitely order weekly!!

Leana W via Facebook

Fantastic! Fresh, fast and great service

Sonia F via Facebook

Just received my first order in Mandurah, very happy with it, everything in such good quality, will definetely be placing another order :)

Jessica M via Facebook

We just got our first delivery and we're very impressed! So fresh and such good quality fruit and veg. Great service as well!

Jodie N via Facebook

My first order was amazing and packaging fantastic and product were fresh and smelt amazing and it lasted a lot longer then Woolworths or coles. Definitely order again this week in fact :)

Danny W via Facebook

Good Quality Fresh Tucka DELIVERED

Lauren T via Facebook

Just received my first delivery and I am stoked. Produce is such good quality, the service has been excellent. Definitely recommending to my family & friends.

Caroline T via Facebook

Got my first order and was very impressed will be ordering again from them and telling my friends.

Karen R via Facebook

My first order with you was two days prior to xmas. Risky !! I left myself one day to pop out to the shops in case anything was not 100% perfect. However, no need to drag my 2yr old thru the shops ... (which is why I order online) as my order was complete, delivered on time with a smile, packed perfectly and everything was beautifully fresh. Thanks for providing a great service. I'll definitely be ordering again.

Jill C-E via Facebook

Excellent produce, surpasses what the supermarket offer. The ordering process was easy & the variety is extensive. The food delivered is really good quality, bright, fresh, nicely packaged & furthermore delivered in high quality insulated bags with water bottle ice blocks. Will use this service again & recommend others to try it.

Kym E via email

I have received my first delivery of fruit and veg today and I have to say the word impressed does not even describe how I felt when I opened and unpacked my bag of goodies!

I have been humming and haring about placing an order with your company since I came across your Facebook page 2 weeks prior to Christmas. Your testimonials were fabulous to say the least, pricing fantastic if the quality you promised actually was the reality, impressed with the 'order before 10pm and have delivery the next day' concept and 7 day a week delivery.

However I had been burnt by another 'Aussie' company who promised high quality fruit and veg at similar pricing and delivery choices of only twice a week. The delivery came in a non-insulated box which were of a high quality but did not keep my fruit and veg cold. When un-packing,Ii noticed bruising to my products and within a couple of days I was throwing rotting fruit and veg away.

This experience swore me off ever purchasing fruit and veg over the Internet as I did not trust anyone to pick the same quality fruit and veg as I do... I am so particular that I pick cherries, beans, snow peas etc individually to ensure the best quality for my family!

You have restored my faith in online fruit and veg shopping and I could not have picked any better products that what you did on my behalf! You have made yourself a very loyal customer who will place her weekly order from this point on only with your company and look forward to buying from you for along time to come!

You should be very proud of the business you have built and the simple fact that you actually deliver what you promise! Does not happen often in the world of Internet shopping :) 

Annette F via Facebook

Just received my first order, WOW I'm so impressed it all looks beautiful! Yum!

Vanessa M via email

I have just placed an order for the second time and I would like to say that your company does a fantastic job in providing fresh, good quality fruit & vege delivered when you say it will be....Awesome! Thank you and keep up the good work it is appreciated.

Trish V via Facebook

Got my first order delivered today & am very happy with everything :). So fresh & delicious!!

Nicki H via Facebook

I am blown away by the degree of fantastic service from WA Fresh (hard to find these days) the most amazing quality produce, they will try to get in anything you are after and go above and beyond to please you... SUPER IMPRESSED !!! and I'm hard to please too... :-)

Lucia F via Facebook

Totally recommend these guys! Amazing prices, great range and most important fresh produce!

Luxe Lifestyles via Facebook

Delighted to receive my 2 bags of beautifully packaged fruit & veg and cryo-vacced meat - absolutely gorgeous! My 4 year old immediately devoured the grapes and declared they were the best ever! - Thank you so much WA Fresh Delivered!!

Lisa S via Facebook

Recommending you to all my friends, fantastic and fresh, thankyou

Nicole H via email

Yes very happy - best service and great quality.. I've ordered from organic suppliers before and it's just terrible stuff.. Now if you did organic too at that quality I would be in heaven.. But definitely ordering again and have spread the word too... Thanks :-)

Kelly S via Facebook

My 1st Order was great quality nice and fresh thank you so much :-)

Mel W via Facebook

Omg! Ordered last night about 8pm. Delivered today. Returned home from work very exited to see the awesome bags full with yummy fruit and veg. They also included frozen bottles of water to keep everything cool. Unpacked and omg yum everything is fresh and crisp and tastes oh so devine. And to top it all off, free delivery. Very happy with my produce and super fast delivery. Such a great help for a super busy, working full time single mum. Thanks so much WA Fresh. shall be ordering again. (Tonight's dinner is baked potato with salad all from WA Fresh) yum!!

Belynda K via Facebook

I just received my very first delivery. I'm impressed! The total of my order, with you, was cheaper than a comparative order from a supermarket online AND you gave me free delivery AND I now don't want to finish the fruit and veg left over from last week because it pales so much in comparison!!
Thankyou, I'll definitely be ordering again!

Kristy C via Facebook

Found your advert on facebook and received my first order on Thursday. Very impressed with the quality, my fruit platter went down a treat at our playgroup Christmas party - thank you, will definitely be a regular customer!

Nicole D via Facebook

Had my first delivery yesterday and I am so happy with the quality of not only the fruit and veg but the meat and chicken. Thanks WA fresh will be using you for all my fresh produce needs as you wipe the floor with those other "fresh food people"

Sharon S via Facebook

Received my first delivery today - wonderful fresh products, presented beautifully - fantastic - will be ordering again.

Danielle L via Facebook

Had my first delivery yesterday from WA Fresh Delivered. Delivery was to my work and it was expertly packed and still nice & chilled by the time I got home to unpack. Everything looks so lovely & fresh that I can't wait to be cooking with it all. Thanks "WA Fresh Delivered" - I'll definitely be ordering again.